Iza Czarko-Wasiutycz

Accredited Hellinger's Therapist
Life and Business Systemic Coach

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'I deeply believe that each of us has our own path to take. I know and have experienced that everything we need is within us. As I was able to unravel a lot of knots in my life and position myself in just the right place so as to move forward with strength and joy, anyone can progress in every area of life. Take a deep breath and feel where your heart leads you, whoever you are .. get off the ground and follow your dreams and goals. Life then becomes an extraordinary journey ... It's time ... '

"... Every step and thought is a beginning… It is You who decides the direction ..." Iza Czarko-Wasiutycz

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Hellinger Settings for Business



Hellinger Settings workshops and techniques for improving relationships with ourselves



Gardens of success that are the accompaniment of others in waking up their potential to fully develop


"What matters most for your success in every area of life is a deep breath and inner harmony..." Iza Czarko - Wasiutycz


"Universal orders, like the law of gravity and other principles of physics apply equally to relationships with people as well as making money or business. I help you to observe these orders and restore back into the place where you need them" Iza Czarko-Wasiutycz

Know the testimonials of the people I worked with

Anna from Madrid

I had sessions with Iza both individual and group, working with her is the same pleasure, she is a wonderful, nice person, beats from her peace and acceptance, and each session is a wonderful journey, which allows to free from our locks, problems, etc. Since I have met Iza I see a lot of changes in my life. I also feel such an inner acceptance and faith about what brings me fate, I trust my life, and I know that I will always get what is best for me. With all my heart I recommend sessions with Iza

Catherine from Wrocław

With Iza I had a great pleasure to work several times, both individually and in the group. There is no way to express how much it helped me. When there was a difficult situation in my life and in my family, I knew where to direct my steps. It was no coincidence, it was a gift for which I am thankful for the random. It's time to all. I have so much humility and respect to the settings that Iza leads and so much admiration for the effects of her work. Iza help made my life change, I'm changing, I discover it every day when I see my reactions and behavior in my daily life, working from home, on the street, wherever I am. I look at people's heart, with great love and gratitude, with great humility and respect, with acceptance. I agree to everything that will bring fate. Iza Thank you for being on my way. So much good for other people


"Letter from a patient who worked 2 weeks in 37 week of childbirth. Her wish was to be born naturally, not like the first child through the Cesar. Night just before the visit gave birth. It was like a third work with each patient.. As the exam. She passed it beautifully.. There is always a good time to change... "Hello Lady, from childbirth I gather to write to you but I currently have so many classes that I could never find a free time. I want to thank you very much for the help I received from the lady during our meetings. I regret that I have not gotten into the next, which we had to devote porodowi but I hope that in the future still zahaczymy about it. I was able to give birth to the forces of nature; About 21:37 I felt the first, very delicate contraction, about 23:15 gone water, before 2 we went with her husband to hospital and about 4:40 Mary was already with us. I was not given anesthesia so obviously the pain was huge but the childbirth went quite smoothly and most importantly I was born alone with the help of her husband and midwives; Without vacuum, ticks, pushing the baby and the Cesari-despite the fact that all of these things begged midwives because I already thought that I do not give advice but however managed to:) A great merit is also a lady, because my self-awareness has just evolved thanks to the lady and the result of meetings with the mistress. The breaths that the lady taught me and the information provided by the lady helped me a lot. This childbirth and the fact that for the second time I became a mom made me feel that since the birth of Fran, I felt that I was starting to recover my strength and vitality, I have not been in such a good shape for 3 years. I know that this is a process that takes time but today I see effects. These two meetings with Iza and the whole bunch of information, which thanks to them I gathered my companions every day, improving the standard of my life, which from September 2012 was very chaotic and now it has begun to normalize. I have the impression that there are still new emotions that are the result of the therapy with the lady, as if I did not read them or they missed them and suddenly come to me. I use it very much and I take great joy. " M. "

Edyta Moik Stavanger Norway

I had the pleasure of attending individual therapy and coaching sessions with Izą, and one group session using the Hellingera settings method. In addition to the incredible experience of the way of conducting therapy and its incredible efficiency, surprising discoveries during the settings, when I received a reply to thousands of long-tiring questions, I raised the quality of my life to level where I can proudly say I am myself and I am happy today. I discovered myself, my needs, my dreams, but I also understood what and why I was lugging. The settings have helped me this baggage not only to discover and understand, but to accept what carry and myself as I am. What is fantastic in this therapy is that it has begun a process that is still underway. This process is for me a healing, developing, mobilising, lifting. After returning from the session notowałam what a bit with the idea that so much is happening, that scared to just not to go crazy, I still do it, but not because it is afraid of what sits in me and what is in me with the puffs, now notes the changes That are in me through a process that Iza helped me to begin. Here are some of my reflections on the evidence that the therapy settings really work. I have overcome the fear of the dominant closeness and now I am affectionate and loving for the loved ones, but I am able to guide my limits and do it ever better, I have learned to talk about my needs and have built up my space. I can now relax without a feeling of guilt, I am able to plan this relaxing for myself, because I know that if I do not odpocznę, I will not be allowed to devote time to the family so that we benefit from it together well. I have contact with my body, I understand getting better and manage my emotions, and that's a big challenge – sometimes it doesn't succeed, but now I already know how to bring the body to order. I've learned how to use other tools and ask for help when I need it. I stopped being prone to manipulation and pressure from others, I started to speak no more, when I need to, I started to develop my interests and work on the goals and towards them. Thanks to the short, but incredibly efficient work of the line that made with Iza, I was able to also somewhere along the way to shed the sweets, which i ate in times of stress, rebuild the relationship and relationships in marriage and family. Every day I feel my gratitude for how my life now looks. Every day, new puzzles stack them together. Thank you Iza!

Malwina From Poznan

My settings have been discouraged for several years. And I was attracted. I guess I had to hit the Iza. Warm, but too together firmly standing on the ground, strong with a feeling. Business itself and its own company. Feel it. She knew what I was talking about by describing the changes and slack in my business. Maybe I had to get ready, because it is hard work. Many changes. It gets you a lot, but you can not always be ready to use these gifts. I worked with a professional subject. A large international company, but after the death of her husband I have not seen what to do. conducted it together. After the first individual meeting I already knew what to do. After the workshop my world started and not only professionally. Unusual method. Great results. And I am not a woman believing in magic. Want to change something? Iza is the best address. Thank you for all.

Ilona from Paris

Iza was not the first person with whom I worked the method of family settings techniques. However, what distinguishes it from others, is the fact that adds to his work also coaching techniques. So it is very effective. In my case, the results of the work were enormous and visible almost immediately. Working with Iza is an amazing adventure. In addition, Iza is a very warm and charming person. I wish everyone to have occasions to work with her. Thanks to Iza i solved the problem that accompanied me from a very long time. Freed me from a great weight which I wore in myself, and which I was not able to get rid of. Thank you Iza

"You were made for success. Don’t you believe me? I believe in you..." Iza Czarko-Wasiutycz