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Iza Kopp

Accredited Hellinger’s Therapist
Life and Business Systemic Coach

Meet me!

I deeply believe that each of us has our own path to take. I know and have experienced that everything we need is within us. As I was able to unravel a lot of knots in my life and position myself in just the right place so as to move forward with strength and joy, anyone can progress in every area of life.

Take a deep breath and feel where your heart leads you, whoever you are .. get off the ground and follow your dreams and goals. Life then becomes an extraordinary journey … It’s time…

― Iza Kopp

"Every step and thought is a beginning… It is You who decides the direction!"

― Iza Kopp

Areas where I can help

"What matters most for your success in every area of life is a deep breath and inner harmony…"

― Iza Kopp

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"You were made for success. Don’t you believe me? I believe in you…"

― Iza Kopp

Testimonials of the people I worked with

I had sessions with Iza both individual and group, working with her is the same pleasure, she is a wonderful, nice person, beats from her peace and acceptance, and each session is a wonderful journey, which allows to free from our locks, problems, etc. Since I have met Iza I see a lot of changes in my life. I also feel such an inner acceptance and faith about what brings me fate, I trust my life, and I know that I will always get what is best for me. With all my heart I recommend sessions with Iza.

— Anne


With Iza I had a great pleasure to work several times, both individually and in the group. There is no way to express how much it helped me. When there was a difficult situation in my life and in my family, I knew where to direct my steps. It was no coincidence, it was a gift for which I am thankful for the random. It’s time to all. I have so much humility and respect to the settings that Iza leads and so much admiration for the effects of her work. Iza help made my life change, I’m changing, I discover it every day when I see my reactions and behavior in my daily life, working from home, on the street, wherever I am. I look at people’s heart, with great love and gratitude, with great humility and respect, with acceptance. I agree to everything that will bring fate. Iza Thank you for being on my way. So much good for other people.

— Catherine


My settings have been discouraged for several years. And I was attracted. I guess I had to hit the Iza. Warm, but too together firmly standing on the ground, strong with a feeling. Business itself and its own company. Feel it. She knew what I was talking about by describing the changes and slack in my business. Maybe I had to get ready, because it is hard work. Many changes. It gets you a lot, but you can not always be ready to use these gifts. I worked with a professional subject. A large international company, but after the death of her husband I have not seen what to do. conducted it together. After the first individual meeting I already knew what to do. After the workshop my world started and not only professionally. Unusual method. Great results. And I am not a woman believing in magic. Want to change something? Iza is the best address. Thank you for all.

— Malwina


Iza was not the first person with whom I worked the method of family settings techniques. However, what distinguishes it from others, is the fact that adds to his work also coaching techniques. So it is very effective. In my case, the results of the work were enormous and visible almost immediately. Working with Iza is an amazing adventure. In addition, Iza is a very warm and charming person. I wish everyone to have occasions to work with her. Thanks to Iza i solved the problem that accompanied me from a very long time. Freed me from a great weight which I wore in myself, and which I was not able to get rid of. Thank you Iza

— Ilona


"Universal orders, like the law of gravity and other principles of physics apply equally to relationships with people as well as making money or business. I help you to observe these orders and restore back into the place where you need them."

― Iza Kopp

Here I share my knowledge

Virulent allergies - are allergies for what is coming from your MOM

Virulent allergies - are allergies for what is coming from your MOM

Virulent ALLERGIES - are allergies for what is coming from your MOM... for what’s coming from the NATURE. DIGESTIVE - are for all the things you get from the…

Izabela Kopp 9 July 2019
The days of the black swans...

The days of the black swans...

MAGDA 41 years old „Iza. I am like that black sheep in the family. I’ve always been strange, different... I broke the mould. I wasn’t accustomed to people…

Izabela Kopp 28 April 2019
Diet during pregnancy - an interview with Dr Preeti Agraval

Diet during pregnancy - an interview with Dr Preeti Agraval

An interview with Dr Preeti Agraval from India – a birthplace of natural medicine. She has been leading a medical practice in Poland for over 20 years. She's the…

Izabela Kopp 25 February 2019

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