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Virulent allergies – are allergies for what is coming from your MOM

Virulent ALLERGIES – are allergies for what is coming from your MOM… for what’s coming from the NATURE.

DIGESTIVE – are for all the things you get from the WORLD…from your DAD.

… and the second ones are usually transmuted infant’s allergies for, mother’s milk…

because being cut off from your father’s qualities causes, sooner or later, closure of your way to what is good and oming your way from him.

Allergies are The Never Ending Story…

And they’re performing differently in each and every of stage of your lifetime.

In the beginning it’s usually your movement towards mom, being cut off by something.

At the time, when child stars to eat solids, symptoms are going away for a short period of time, to then attack with doubled strenght and then it is…movement towards your dad, which is being cut off.

They show up in skin reactions and breathing difficulties.

Skin’s trying to protect from intensity of mom’s emotional incentives.

… but they also are calling for mather’s delicate touch.

Respiratory system is permanently connected with the nervous system and is reacting in the first place for strong, emotional tention which the child has collected in the time of their prenatal life…

Or is now collecting still.

I’ ve wrote about allergies once at

Skin allergies are separating ourselves from what’s hard and all the things coming condensed, from mom, when we are expiriencing contact with her.

Skin’s like a last link in the process of getting rid of the heat acces from our bodies and the stress that child have taken upon itself at the beggining of the process of fedus growth, approximately around 3rd month, because this is when the skin layer is building. But it’s also an information about mom’s physical conntact with the outer world in the conntact for physiological stress that strong, caused by getting pregnant.


i show themthis range of topics:

  • lack of acceptance of femininity in the women’s line of family, often
    caused by sexual assault in the previous generations
  • block out of women from women
  • lack of backup coming from man, or lack of ability to take from it
  • emotional fire-ups of parent , during pregnancy of the person working with me
  • moving to the different places, stressful changes of work enviroment,
    break- ups and going back together, strong anxiety about the material

WHEN I AM WORKING WITH FOOD ALLERGIES, we are usually dealing withsuch problems:

  • my mom wasn’t close to dad as a partner
  • i don’t feel close to my dad
  • i won’t take from dad in solidarity with my mom
  • mom would not let clients to my dad, thinking that she have to deal with everything by herself
  • mom willing to see in dad’s client the solutions for all his problems… like a pregnancy for consent. Which is supossed to heal the relationship with child’s father, let the parent’s relationship keep on existing…
  • internal need of mom; “Replace my child who passed away, whom i misscarried before u were born”

Also often food allergies bellow, especially with girls, evolve into eating disorders, including anorexia and bulimia.

Allergies are possible to cure, when mom is able to find within herself, her own way to femininity and let her man – the father of a her child, to stand next to her as a partner and it is possible only when she feels safe as a daughter of her own father.

This is when the child finally feels closer to its dad.

And this is also when the liver, responsible for synthesis of heat in the organism can finally let go the tension.

Thymus works well and digestion is slowly coming back into the stage of biological HARMONY…

You are a mother to allergic child…



Look in silence at how you’ve been and how first three months of this pregnancy have looked like…and what’s important here is complacency and level of stress …

How you were feeling up to the third week? With your anxiety and worries about relationship with the father of your child…

Let yourself look at your real reasons to get pragnent back then.

Did you wanted to stop your partnet next to yourself?

Or, have you had some ideas for yourself after comeback to worklife and the pregnancy was meant to be your solution for that.

Have you actually had any worklife?

Were you filled with yourself and your adulthood, enough that you made space for





Let yourself live thru this again and feel what’s still stuck there.
What kind of block is it?
Feell it out; to which part of yourself you feel disconected since then.

Who has no way to meet with whom.

IN YOU… inside.

How was your contact with your mother when YOU were a child.

How was your mom’s and dad’s relationship…

And remember…


it shows you the places, where it’s hard, especially in this moment, to look.

If you will look at them by yourself, the child is going to feel lighter, relieved.

Have a beautiful rest of the spring.

Allergies are really something you can see off.

Without the anxieties.

Or with significantly lower cost, when you are working there’s deep reasons.

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Izabela Kopp

Therapist of Hellinger’s Settings, coach and personal development coach, working with dozens of people from Poland and abroad every month and accompanying them on their way to achieve joy and full personal and professional life.