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Individual sessions and on-line via Skype

Private sessions are the option for those, who cannot be present on the workshops. These are usually heavily ill people, women in advanced pregnancy or the ones living on the other continent. Others are being sent by me to the workshops, because of high number of people willing to work with me, much bigger then the amount of free terms that are availible.

In the individual work I am using all the methods I’ve learned during years of my education in constellations, coaching, breath and body works schools.

I am also using my knowledge  gained thru over than 4 years of work in collaboration with dr Preeti Agrival’s Integrative Medical Center in Wroclaw, where I have been seeing over 3 thousand of patients, including on-line sessions, also with people experiencing variety of different cases, neurological disabilities, cancerous , hormonal and psychosomatic  diseases, in many stages of predevelopment. Also pregnant women and ones with gynaecological changes.

Skype sessions

Every next step and thought is the beginning, you decide the beginning of what.

How valuable are individual sessions?

Private sessions are equally as valid way of letting go, of what’s hard and heavy, as the work you do during the workshops.

However amount of clients willing to sing up for individual work, every month, is a dozen times higher than the free terms that we have at our disposal. Because of that the waiting time for a meeting can be be up to even two months.

Please sing up thru the form below. Write a brief note about the subject you want t work with. Leave your e-mail adress. We will write you back, for sure, to let you know about accessibility for a meeting with me. In some cases you can receive some excercises to go thru, during the waiting time for your meeting.

Application form

Every person with whom I start working must complete an application form with consent, which we send after saving to a specific date of the session. You will receive it by e-mail to the e-mail address entered in the form

Meeting time

From 1.5 to two hours. The first meeting is always longer.


In the first individual session via Skype or in the office: 450 PLN

Next meetings

Individual or online: 400 PLN